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About Authentic Yoga

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About Astanga Yoga

In the astanga vinyasa system, postures and breath are linked together in flowing movement (vinyasa).  The joining of the vinyasa with the gaze (drsti), the breath (pranayama) and the energy “locks” (bandha) is a powerful discipline for cultivating physical, mental and spiritual health.  The practice cleanses, stretches and strengthens the body as well as focuses and calms the mind.

About Our Philosophy

Our practice, teaching and philosophy is based on presenting students with direct experiences of yoga.  We both honor and refresh the traditions of the astanga vinyasa system, making the practice applicable and accessible all.  We encourage students to read, to contemplate, to question.  We encourage students to experience a variety of practices to challenge our preconceptions, to refine our physical practice, to expand our minds, and to open our hearts.

About Our Classes

Classes offered at Authentic Yoga include teachings that go beyond just the postures.  Stories, sanskrit language and chants are generally mixed into the classes, strengthening not only your body, but your mind and spirit as well.  All teachers on our schedule are highly qualified, compassionate and knowledgeable.  Check out our schedule, and find the class that is just right for you!

About Our Commitment to Our Teachers

At Authentic Yoga we honor our teachers in all of their beautiful diversity. We are committed to providing space for the best teachers in the valley and guest teachers from across the globe to offer classes and workshops. Because we believe that abundance leads to abundance, we provide a unique opportunity for teachers from all backgrounds to offer their expertise by renting space and appearing on the Authentic Yoga schedule.


"I can't express my gratitude for your teaching, but let me try. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You just change the whole complexion of my life in just 30 minutes/week. I pray that my schedule opens up more opportunities to study with you. You have transmission light and I want and crave more, more, more! ~ DG, For-life Student

"I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you how grateful I am to be learning from both Dave and you. Our community is so blessed to experience all you have to share. Since I started training in January, a new world of yoga has opened up for me and it has been a priceless addition to my life. A heartfelt namaste. ~ GM, 200-Hour Student

A True Yoga Collective

  • A variety of classes, teachers and lineages in a smaller more personal environment
  • Your attendance supports local teachers and a local business
  • We are a “sangha”! (Sanskrit word for community)

Vedic Chant

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Slide "I am having such an amazing experience. I already feel so much appreciation for you and Dave and I am so glad that I started this journey with you. I know that you and Dave and your wonderful studio will always be a big part of my life." ~ JT, 300-Hour Student Slide "This has been one of the most gratifying experiences ever. I am so happy you and Dave are in my life, guiding me on this amazing journey." ~ HM, 200-Hour Student Slide "Chanting the sutras is resonating with me intensely, I want to inhale it all. Thank u for sharing ur well of wisdom with all of us. Thank u doesn't cover it but i just had to say it." ~ RL, 300-Hour Student