Chair Yoga Certification

Learn Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga Certification & Continuing Education Course (10 hours CEC)

Two Saturdays: April 3 and April 17, 2021. 12-4pm
+ 2 hours practice teaching (on your own schedule)
Classes conducted both in-person AND live streamed via Zoom

*NOTE: You do not have to be a yoga teacher to benefit from this training! This course is open to ALL, including fitness instructors, body workers, nurses, physicians, physical and occupational therapists, etc.*

Chair Yoga is a general term for the type of āsana practice that can be done while seated in a chair. Traditional yoga āsanas are modified to be done while seated and many of the basic body mechanics of individual postures remain the same in chair yoga as students can do variations of twists, hip openers, forward bends, mild backbends, sun salutations, etc. The conscious breath and meditative elements of yoga remain the same during a chair yoga class.

Chair yoga makes yoga more accessible for individuals with limited mobility, those managing an injury, our aging population, anyone wishing a gentler approach to the practice, to clients in a corporate setting who wish to incorporate some mindful movement while at work, etc. Physical class intensity can be increased or decreased to suit the needs of the students, such as school age children who may require an accessible yoga class that can be taught in the classroom without having to waste time rearranging desks and chairs. Furthermore, of all the online yoga formats, chair yoga may be the safest format to teach as students are less likely to injure themselves while seated.

In this 10 hour course, you will:

  • Learn why Chair Yoga is a powerful (and marketable) addition to your movement training skillset.
  • Learn and practice the basic mechanics of chair yoga.
  • Learn how to creatively sequence a chair yoga class to maximize safe movement options for all students.
  • Gain confidence and skills to empower you to teach Chair Yoga to a wide range of yoga practitioners with different physical abilities.

About the instructor:

Dr. Yhara Quiroz obtained her 200 & 300 Hour yoga teaching certifications at Authentic Yoga Teacher Training, in Scottsdale, Arizona. Once a medical doctor, she gave up the career she had worked so hard to accomplish in order to peruse her life’s passion—yoga. She has been teaching chair yoga to individuals with movement disorders at The Mohamad Ali Parkinson’s Center, at Barrows Neurological, in Phoenix, Arizona for several years and has shared yoga in many other settings, including jails, to special need students, in cancer centers, at ASU, in yoga studios, gyms & health clubs, schools, and yoga teacher trainings since she became a registered yoga teacher five years ago. Yhara does her best to give her best every class she teaches, infusing loving kindness and playfulness with yogic, medical, & psychological knowledge, culminating in a uniquely authentic teaching style, designed to help students rediscover the innate love, peace, and joy within us all.


  • Early bird – By March 27 – $199
  • Regular – After March 27 – $299

(Just $50 for students of Authentic Yoga Teacher Training!)

Easy Registration:

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