Common Mistakes in Yoga Asana Practices – January 18, 2019

Common Mistakes in Yoga Asana Practices

with Tish Hegel
Friday, January 18, 2019
4pm – 6:30pm

All motion is analyzed within specific plane of motion. I have discovered that many mistakes are made in Yoga asana practices by Understating the planes and how they relate to the human body and Yoga asana can help you both practice and/or teach Yoga more effectively. In this workshop we will cover the three primary planes of human motion and how to deconstruct asanas within each plane.

Class Objectives:

  • Learn the three planes of motion
  • Identify the primary plane of motion of a Yoga asana and learn how to improve your verbal cues and reduce injury by teaching from the planes of motion
  • Identify common mistakes in forward bends, back bends, balance postures and twists