Exploring the Subtle Body & Energetic Anatomy

Energetic body - chakras

with Cheryl Oliver

Saturday, February 8
11am – 5pm

What is the subtle body? Is it something material like connective tissue? Or is it formless, like energy, or consciousness? In yoga, the subtle body involves not only complex and compelling biological rhythms (like breathing and digestion) but is also the home of a multitude of archetypal forces (like growth, security and courage). Exploring the subtle body is one of the best vehicles for exploring the interconnectivity of body, mind and spirit.

In this course we will learn about the various “structures” in the subtle body, and investigate the interconnectivity of body, mind and spirit using a variety of yogic practices. This module will be a combination of lecture & discussion, asana, pranayama, meditation and sound.


  • intro to energetic anatomy and it’s relationship and place in yogic philosophy
  • a deep dive into the cakra (“chakra”) system, including kundalini and the nadi-s
  • the kośa-s and their relationship to the 5 elements
  • the prāṇa vāyu – the 5 “winds” representing the vital energies of the physical body
  • the granthi-s (knots) and the bandha-s that untie them
  • marma cikitsa – the yogic theory of acupressure

This will be FREE for AYTT students & $75 for the general public, so please invite your friends!