Foundations of the Ashtanga System

With Lisa Schrempp

DATES: August 17, 24, 31 and September 7, 2019
TIME: 10:15am – Noon
PRICE: 4 Classes $60 Single class $20

The beauty of a well digested opening sequence, Surya Namaskar and standing asanas is that these can be practiced alone to acquire excellent health of body and mind. The foundations are also the keys to all the series of asanas, they are the precursors for the benefits achieved by practicing the basic to the advanced series.

This 4 week series will include the full series of Yoga Chikitsa with devotion to detail and alignment.

My 25 +years of practice with the Jois family and advanced practitioners I feel the message is actually simple,. Ashtanga practice gives tools to remove suffering and pain ( Duhkha). The Yogi through dedication and devotion to the guidelines, sees that peace and radiant health are within and will be revealed through the practice.

Yoga Chikitsa is the traditional starting point to cure the gross ailments of mind and body. This practice initiates a transformation that starts to direct the Yogi to make the most therapeutic changes in their life. To move well promotes eating well and this stimulates a detox of stress and we enjoy ourselves and others in a more loving way. The 1st series of Ashtanga yoga helps one to leave bad habits and return to one’s self. Where does healing come from? It comes from within.