Learn to Read & Write Sanskrit

Cheryl teaching Sanskrit Devanagari

With Cheryl Oliver

Five Online Classes

PLUS Two Optional BONUS Online Practice Classes

Class Series Starts Wednesday, August 5 on Zoom!
As mysterious as the Sanskrit alphabet (devanāgarī) may appear at first glance, it is actually beautifully elegant in its simplicity, and can be learned by anyone. By the end of this 5 class series, students will read and write asana names and yoga sutra-s, and will enjoy the experience of writing as dhāraṇā (concentration) and dhyāna (meditation).

Class Dates

August 5, 8, 12, 15 & 19
5pm-7pm on WEDNESDAYS
12pm-2pm on SATURDAYS

Special Bonus Optional Practice Classes

We will meet 5pm-6pm on Mondays: August 10 & 17, 2020. In these sessions we will practice the skills we learned in previous classes. Practice classes are 100% optional, so you can drop in as you wish, at no additional charge!

Easy Registration

Just $99.00 for All 5 Classes + 2 Bonus Classes
(Free for AYTT Students)
Use Venmo! @CherylOliverAYTT

NOTE: Students who Registered for the classes in February which were so rudely interrupted by the pandemic are invited to attend this ENTIRE series at no charge! Please email: authenticyogatt@gmail.com to register.