Singing the Soul: Embodying the Spirit

Sarasvati and Vina - Singing the Soul: Embodying the Spirit

Friday, July 26, 2019 • 6 PM – 8:30 PM MST

About the Experience

Within the human instrument of the body, the voice is the means through which we express our deepest truths. When this powerful tool is harnessed and directed for spiritual purposes, it becomes a means to transcend ordinary consciousness and directly communicate with the Divine. Through this process, we sing our spirits into being, becoming more fully embodied in our true essence as beings of Light and Sound.

In this workshop, participants will experience singing Sanskrit Mantra as a method for self actualization and spiritual exploration. We will discuss the history and science of chanting as a spiritual technology to reach higher states of awareness, allowing access to personal healing and spiritual insight. Participants will tap into their unique singing voice, and be given tools to allow the voice to blossom. Several Sanskrit Mantras will be explored from a variety of perspectives, including their translations, archetypal energies, pronunciation, and the healing power of their vibration through chant. Participants will be given practical tools and practices to bring the healing power of chant into their everyday life.

About Kari Ann Levine

Kari’s journey to work with sound and singing as a therapeutic modality was born of her greater mission to discover the tools and technologies for her own self-healing — a path that also includes yoga, meditation, and various spiritual and mindfulness practices from both eastern and western traditions. Kari holds a Masters Degree in Sociology from FSU with an emphasis in Yogic Studies, Embodiment, and Social Psychology. She is also a Certified Master Yoga Instructor, Usui Reiki Practitioner, and Sound Practitioner. Kari is a gifted and soulful teacher, with a special skill for creating a supportive and nonjudgemental environment. Regardless of the style or modality that Kari is using, her goal is always the same — to guide students to recognize, experience, and activate the innate healing power of their own bodies and minds.


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