Intro to Sound Healing Facilitation

Intro to Sound Healing

With Kari Ann Levine

January 9, 2022
2:00 – 6:00pm

Consider staying for Sound Healing Meditation following this event.

Sound is a mystery. At best, we can observe how it operates, describe its qualities, and experience its power. But even the most gifted among us cannot definitively state what it is.

Except of course, to state that it is a mystery.

In this way, sound is a sort of transcendent mirror. A simultaneously embodied and etheric technology that attunes us to the enigmatic force of life that exists all around us.

To know what sound is, is not an intellectual pursuit. It is one of the felt senses. Of intuition. And of our capacity to allow the sound itself to teach us. To reveal it’s true nature. And for us to experience our oneness with it.

In this introductory experience, we will explore the mysteries of sound from several perspectives, including:

  • Sound’s ancient and esoteric history as a tool of transcendence, healing, ceremony, and connection.
  • The science behind sound’s healing prosperities and effects.
  • Hands-on and experiential learning with sound healing instruments.
  • Our innate ability to channel Creation through sound.

This session is designed for those wanting to work with sound as a healing modality and for those who simply wish to dive deeper into this fascinating subject.


General Public: $95
AYTT: $45 Suggested Donation

Venmo: @kari-ann-levine

About Kari Ann Levine

Kari’s journey to work with sound as a therapeutic modality was born of her greater mission to discover the tools and technologies for her own self-healing — a path that also includes yoga, meditation, and various esoteric practices from around the world.

In addition to being a certified Sound Practitioner, Kari holds a Masters Degree in Sociology from FSU, is a Certified 500 Hour Yoga Instructor, a Usui Reiki Practitioner, and has spent thousands of hours in personal practice and study of the ancient and healing arts, applying what she has learned in her own life, and sharing it with others.

Kari is a gifted and soulful teacher, with a special skill for creating a supportive and nonjudgemental environment.

Regardless of the style or modality that Kari is using, her goal is always the same — to guide students to recognize, experience, and activate the innate healing power of their own bodies and minds.

It is her belief that while she may offer the tools, it is each of us that ultimately does the work to heal ourselves.