The Foot Yoga Method

Food Yoga Method with Beri Golding

12 hour training with Beri Golding

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Friday, October 25, 5-9pm
Saturday, October 26, 12pm-4pm
Sunday, October 27, 12pm-4pm

What is Foot Yoga? This method embraces the ancient philosophy which honors the the intelligence of the feet (and toes) and offers this wisdom as a modern day application on our yoga mats.

Our feet serve as our connection to the Earth and play a vital role in our ability to feel grounded, as the yoga sutras describe as “sthira.” This foundation supports us in our ability to ascend and embrace the sweet, light and joy with ease or as the sutras refer to as “sukham.”

In the true spirit of yoga, the Foot Yoga Method embraces the sentiment of allowing our yoga practice to transcend the mat and the studio- deepen your practice the most by applying these principles (and self care techniques) in your external environment, learn how by training with Beri.

This 12 hour training will cover

  • Basic anatomy, physiology, and function of the foot and the toes
    An overview of the Foot Yoga Method- Applied principles of reflexology to the yoga mat and beyond.
  • This includes history, philosophy, ethics and basics.
  • How use of reflexology principles can enhance your yoga instruction (for teachers) practice (for students) and how use of the Foot Yoga Method program can serve as a helpful tool for the vast range of yoga practitioners as well as serving populations of non yoga practitioners alike.
  • The Method-Foot and toe strengthening exercises, poses, stretches, mobility and relaxation techniques. Learn how to incorporate these within the framework of yoga classes, private training sessions, bodywork treatments, and/or to create new fitness formats.
  • The Foot Yoga Method as a recovery tool.
  • Foot Reading as a basic map for understanding the “footprints” of those we are working with and hoping to serve in their journey to heal, strengthen, improve balance and enhance their overall health and wellbeing.
  • Learn about common foot ailments; recognize symptoms, understand causes, and develop treatment plans and techniques to help various populations who suffer from foot pain.

$99 for AYTT Students
$119 for AYTT Graduates
$179 for the general public

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