10 Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Yin Yoga Teacher Training
With Cheryl Oliver

Find your balance through Yin Yoga.

Classes conducted both in-person AND live streamed via Zoom

Dates and Times

October 6-7 (Wed/Thu) • 5-8pm
AND October 9 (Sat) • 9-11am


$199 for 10 hours

Training Includes
  • philosophy
  • anatomy
  • teaching methodology
  • practice teaching

Receive Yoga Alliance credit.

Everything requires balance, and yin yoga is the balancing practice for other, active forms of yoga. Yin yoga is a passive yet challenging practice, in which you will explore your physical body, as well as your mental, psychological, and emotional “edges.”

Structured in 3 sections over 3 days to enhance both your knowledge and experience, in this training you will learn the techniques of Yin yoga in a way that will allow you to share this practice with others, including:

  • Philosophy of Yin Yoga: what it is, why it’s unique, why it’s important.
  • Yin Yoga Anatomy. Yin targets deep connective tissues, so we explore anatomy beyond what is typically taught in vinyasa teacher training.
  • Specific Yin Yoga Teaching Skills and Methodology. Not every pose is right for every body, so we learn the importance of appropriate modifications, and unique teaching methodology for Yin.
  • Real-life experience — you will receive a private Yin class, and you will teach a private Yin class (online or in-person). No other online Yin program offers this real-life, practical opportunity!
  • 10 Hours Yoga Alliance Continuing Education credit available for Registered teachers!
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3 easy ways to pay $199 workshop fee:
Venmo: @CherylOliverAYTT
Zelle: 480-216-2602
PayPal: authenticyogatt@gmail.com